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Sample feedback from online customers

Subj:    Re: Bonnie - on 1.52RAD
Date:    2/11/99 12:36:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Ron,
Thanks! I am very excited about the diamond since this will be put into my engagement ring. We have been looking for diamonds, and this is almost identical to one I was shown last week--for a lot less money!
I will send a money order or cashier's check and take your advice about shipping U.S. Registered Mail. So the check amount will be for $5,515, but I need to know how the check should be made out.
Thanks for your help!
Best regards,
Subj:    Re: Bonnie- on 1.52RAD
Date:    2/22/99 1:06:20 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Ron,
Just wanted to let you know, I received the diamond Saturday -- It's beautiful!!! Just as I had pictured it!
Thanks for all your help,
Date:    3/10/99 9:54:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
Got the diamond today. WOW!! Thank you so much!!!
If you want you can send me some business cards and I will give them to any of my friends that are interested in loose diamonds. I am sure people are going to be asking me where I got my diamond. It is gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the great deal. I can't say enough to tell you haw happy this has made me.
Thank You!!
Date:    3/25/99 4:49:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
Just wanted to let you know I received the EGL report. Thanks for getting that to me so quickly.
Also - I wanted to let you know I have already given your business card to a friend of mine that I work with. So he may be contacting you in the near future. His name is Scott, and I think he is looking for a round 5 carat diamond. Anyway - Just wanted to let you know you may hear from him.
Thanks again Ron for the diamond.
Date:    3/17/99 12:10:54 PM Eastern Standard Time

Ron, just want you to know that diamond arrived this morning not long after you called. It looks great, a local jeweler has made a custom platinum setting, I think she will be surprised and very happy. Thanks again for your help and prompt response. I will spread the word.
Subj:    Re: checking in...
Date:    4/10/99 1:17:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Ron, thanks, I recently moved to Pa. but certification was forwarded to my new address this week. My wife loves the diamond!
Date:    4/16/99 3:43:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Thank you, Ron, for the information about the inscription costs. I will decide after the stone is back in NY at Steven Kretchmer's place. At 3 p.m. today my bank wired $6,919.43 as per your instruction. It will probably arrive Monday morning as banks like to keep funds over the weekend to make some interest.
I look forward to receive the stone by FedEx on Tuesday and will stay home for the signature.
Best regards and have a nice weekend.

Subj:    Re: FedEx Tracking #
Date:    4/20/99 4:51:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Ron:
The diamond arrived on time at 1:30 PM today. We are impressed by its brightness and clarity. I've difficulties seeing the feathers even with a 15x lupe.
Thank you again for your professional assistance. We are happy with our buy.
Best regards,
Michael & Doris

Subj:    1 c. D/VS1 diamond
Date:    4/22/99 7:07:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Ron:
The certificate arrived today. I got lots of complements about the stone from the jeweler who is handling the ring setting.
Best regards,
Date:    5/24/99 9:59:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time

received the diamond braclet today. very pretty,

am well pleased thanks Ron, Glyn
Hi Ron,
I just wanted to write to let you know we received the diamond. It was everything you promised and more. Today, my wife took the diamond to have it set and was extremely pleased when the jeweler, after careful examination, informed her we had purchased a beautiful, quality diamond. In fact, he told her he rarely saw diamonds of that quality. Thanks so much for a wonderful diamond and a honest, professional business transaction. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who delivered exactly what he promised. If any of my friends are in the market for a diamond, I assure you I will not hesitate to give them your name and email address.
Date:    7/12/99 11:17:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To:    YourDia
Dear Ron,
The ring came out beautiful and We want to thank you for your much needed assitance. You did just what you said you would do and we really appreciate it. All they got at the wedding were oo's and ah's, and looks.
Thanks again, I will be in touch . Irwin
Subj:    item #124059033
Date:    7/19/99 11:02:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: ('')
Hello Ron!
I just received the 0.94ct emerald cut diamond, and it is beautiful! Thank you very much. I will be contacting you when I am ready to make my next diamond purchase, a pair of emerald cut diamonds for earrings. Thanks again!
Subj:    1.18ct. GIA E-VS1 Emerald Diamond
Date:    8/1/99 8:45:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Ron,
Yes I got it! It looks very nice and I'm sure Becky will be amazed. It arrived Friday at 3:30 right before I left work for the weekend. I have been in Oshkosh all weekend for the air show and just returned home.
Thanks again Ron, I hope to do business with you again in the future.

Subj: RE: 5ct E/SI1 Diamond Date: 8/2/99 2:27:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

She, of course, loved it.  We went to have the ring sized down.
The guy did not really do an excellent job as your guy, but it's OK.
When he saw the ring, just like 1 seconde after, he said "it's not a diamond" I started to get a little bit scared.  I answered him, of
course it is, he was surprised. He said it is so white. I think that he was not expecting a diamond of that quality.  Any way, we will keep this very nice stone.  The quality is really excellent. Thanks for your help and patience during this process. For now, she prefers to keep the current mounting, the diamond is so big that it is sufficient by itself.  Hope your business is good and will be for a long time.

Subj: My purchase
Date: 8/12/99 6:38:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: YourDia

Dear Ron,
Just returned from the jewelers where I was finally able to get and appraisal on the sapphire and diamond art deco ring I bought from you  a couple of weeks ago.  I am still in shock.  I was able to purchase the ring from you for $2474.00.  I am sitting here looking at an appraisal for $9000.00, and he promised me that was being very critical.  Thank you so much for working with me on this and if I am in the market for diamonds or jewelry in the future, you can be sure I will be back in contact with you.

Thanks again,



Subj: Re: 1.33ct Flawless Diamond
Date: 9/23/99 2:28:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Thanks, Ron.  This to let you know that about 10:20 this morning the FedEx lady was ringing my bell with the package.  You're right, it is a stunning diamond, bigger than I had imagined, and I am a VERY happy camper!  BY my reckoning, this was about a 72 hour deal.  I don't think I could have shopped and bought outside in such a time.  Great! I'm going to look around here for a jeweler to provide an appropriate setting. I think I mentioned that Tiffany's is my lady's favorite, of course,(...I'll tell them that I bought it from a friend of my cousin), but I may be back to you if I'm not successful locally.  Do you think that an 18ct yellow gold setting would be TOO SOFT to safely wear this diamond around?  I'd hate to lose such a gem. 

Thanks a lot for your help. I'm very happy...

Subj: got the 1.40 emerald diamond

Date: 9/27/99 10:33:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time


hi ron-got it saturday-its beautiful and exactly as portrayed.i

immediatly took it to be mounted-she doesnt know yet.

boy will she be surprised!! thank you very much-it was a pleasure.


p.s.hope she says yes


Subj: Appraisal

Date: 11/15/99 8:37:46 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: YourDia



The diamond looks great. You can mail the appraisal to me at same address.

I am having the ring set this week and it should make for a very merry Christmas around these parts.

Thanks Again,



Date: 1/24/00 5:41:06 PM Eastern Standard Time


Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring Saturday and

gave it to her on Sunday and she was incredibly pleased with it to say the

least as was I! So I wanted to thank you for all you help, time, and

friendly service! You will definetly be highly recommended and I will be

sure to come to you again anytime I need jewelry! Thanks again and I hope

all is well and your business is prospering like it should:)

Best Regards,




Subj: Re: Got it...



Got it!

I looks very very nice.

I love it.


Thanks - A.T.


Subj: Re: Reply to

Date: 2/11/00 5:39:46 PM Eastern Standard Time



It's here! And it's beautiful! The setting is perfect. Thanks so much for

getting it here before the weekend. We appreciate it!


Subj: Re: Hi Stephen

Date: 2/21/00 11:49:05 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: YourDia

Ron, I got the Diamond Ring and it is better than I had hoped for!! Claudine likes it very much and she said YES. I cannot thank you enough for the great advice and the excellent service that you have given me. I will recommend that all of my friends use you for their diamond and jewelry needs. Thank you very much and I will be talking to you in the future.

Your very satisfied client,



Subj: Diamond ring

Date: 2/23/00 10:14:43 PM Eastern Standard Time



I received my diamond ring today and could not be happier. It is beautiful and exactly as

I pictured and wanted! Thank you so very much.

Thanks again for everything!

Sincerely, Jenny


Subj: Re: from YourDiamond...

Date: 2/29/00 3:21:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: YourDia


Hi, Ron,

i am extremely happy with my diamond. It is just absolutely gorgeous. I

really appreciate your help and when I went to retail stores, I told

them I paid 10 grand and they believed I got a great deal. :)

Thank you again for your precious help and all the best!!!




Date: 3/3/00 8:23:20 AM Eastern Standard Time

To: ron


Dear Ron,

I received the ring. It's very nice! I got your note about the

other things I inquired about. Thanks.




Subj: Thank You!!!!

Date: 3/11/00 6:25:12 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: ron


Ron --

The ring arrived this afternoon and it is -- of course -- just beautiful!!!

How can I thank you for handling this? Catalina loves it and can't stop

staring at it (which makes driving this afternoon pretty dangerous!)

OK, so here's yet another request: Can I

get another one? Identical to this one? Yes, really! I think two would

look beautiful on either side of that diamond you got for me.

It's important that it be identical, of course.

Please let me know.

Again, many thanks!



Subj: Re:1.73 GIA: H/VS1

Date: 3/14/00 3:05:08 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: YourDia


Hi Ron,

Got the stone this morning. Beautiful. Valerie loves it.


Subj: Re:1.73 GIA: H/VS1

Date: 3/15/00 11:09:02 AM Eastern Standard Time


Hi Ron,

Had a chance to look at the diamond more closely last night. Very nice

stone. It's being set today. Thanks. Valerie is very happy. Always a

good thing.



Subj: Re: Got it...

To: YourDia


Hello Ron,

WOW!!! I received the ring on Friday - it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! when the light

shines on it I've never seen so more sparkle of color before. I can't wait

now to give it to her on the cruise.. I also received the paperwork on the

ring as well.. Again Ron I want to thank you for all

efforts in helping me out - really save me a lot of money.

All the best -



Subj: Re: Update from

Date: 6/21/00 12:38:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

To: YourDia



Just received the stone (actually it was about a half an hour ago, but I have not

been able to put it down to let you know I received it) and it is everything you

said it was (beautiful.) I will be proud to present it to my future wife.

You have been very professional and very helpful to me in my quest for the

perfect engagement ring. For that I will remember you to my friends and look

forward to doing business with you again (of course for a different purpose.

:-) I admit, I was nervous about spending so much money for something I had

never seen and with someone I had never met. The internet is the key to the

world, unfortunately it does not discriminate bad from good and there are some

bad people in the world. Thankfully there are good people like yourself that

make the world a better place and the internet a very useful tool. In this case

it saved me thousands of dollars and I am very grateful.

Thank you,



Subj: RE: Platinum Diamond Anniversary Band

Date: 7/14/00 6:43:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Received the ring yesterday. It is lovely. Although, a little big. My

fault. I've lost weight and didn't figure my ring size changed.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know I am very pleased with my




To: ron01

Subject: Diamond Purchase



Just a note to express my appreciation for the wonderful diamond you

provided my son. His financee was excited beyond belief, and it was a

great beginning to their future together.

I certainly look forward to dealing with you in the future and won't

hesitate to refer clients and friends.


William J. Patterson


Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 8:43 PM

Subject: Fwd: Re: checking...


Hi Ron,

I've been having a lot of trouble with my e-mail account lately, but I

wanted to make sure you received this e-mail. I hope you are doing well.

Please know that Patrick and I absolutely love the ring, and I have gotten

more compliments on it than I thought possible. Again, many thanks! We're

already recommending you to all of our friends!

All best,  



Forwarded From: Lee

> Hello Ron!

> I cannot tell you how happy I am with my diamond! You are right - it is

> absolutely gorgeous, and I've never seen anything quite like it. The setting

> complements the diamond so well, and I can't stop looking at my left hand.

> Just incredible... Patrick and I went ahead and got it appraised today for

> insurance purposes, and needless to say, we were quite pleased with the

> information! I want to thank you for helping us find the perfect ring at a

> price we could afford. I am already telling all my friends and relatives

> about you, so don't be surprised if you get a few more North Carolina orders!

> This has been the best purchasing experience, Internet or otherwise, that

> I've ever had. You are such a pleasure to deal with, and Patrick and I

> appreciate your patience, assistance, and timeliness with our order. You can

> be assured that when the time comes for us to make another jewelry purchase,

> we will give you a call!

> If any of your future clients wants a personal reference, please feel free

> to give them my e-mail address. I would be more than happy to relieve any

> concerns they have.

> Again, thank you, and take care!

> Lee

> __________________________________________________________________

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Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 4:56 PM

Subject: Re: checking in...

Ron, Theresa loves the diamond ring. We both have not gotten used to it

yet and still look at it often. It is so beautiful. Thanks for your

promptness in getting it to me. I don't think you have finished with us

yet. My ultimate plans are to take her 1.22 solitare engagement ring and

have it remounted into a stud for an earring and then buy an additional

match for the other ear. I then will probably buy a 2+carat FSI 1

solitare. This is probably a year away however. Thanks again, With

kindest regards, John


Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2000 10:09 PM

To: Ron

Subject: Anniversary Ring

The ring is beautiful. It just takes my breath away. Thank you for helping

John get this ring for me. Do did a great job making my ring. It makes me

feel very special to have a custom made ring.



Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2000 12:45 AM

Subject: checking in...


Romy has been in Romainia since the 20th and I have been adjusting to her

being gone...not an easy task.

She said that everyone in Bucharest who has seen the ring has really liked it

(she doesn't use the word "loved" saving that word for close people only).

I love the ring but only got to see it a few days.

I will be in touch to buy other jewelry in the future as your quality and

service is really unsurpassed. Thank you so much for your dilligence in

getting everything completed so well and so timely.

Yours truly and sincerely,



Sent: Friday, September 15, 2000 12:37 PM
Subject: Re:


I received the diamonds yesterday -- thank you very much they look

FANTASTIC! I appreciate your rapid response and the high quality of the

diamonds. Do you guys do engagement rings??

I'll let you know how Brandi likes her new earrings -- I'm sure she'll love


Thanks again,



Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 9:15 PM

To: Ron

Subject: Re:


She LOVED them -- of course! Thank you so much for taking such good care of

me, I really appreciate all the trouble you went to in order to get the

earings to me on such short notice. Both Brandi and I are very impressed

with the qulity of these earrings and I won't hesitate to recomend to all of my friends and associates.

Thanks again,

Rob Trickett


Sent: Monday, October 02, 2000 8:36 PM
To: ron01
Subject: Re: checking in...

Just got back from Florida and picked up our diamond. It's more 
beautiful than we had imagined. Thanks for all of your help.
Chantz and Rhonda
From: Mark 
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000
To: ron01
Subject: diamonds

I got the stones this morning and they look absolutely beautiful!!! I could 
have not been happier. I want to thank you for working so hard to find me 
the perfect stones,,,I know it was a lot of trouble for you. After talking 
with you a time or two I could tell that you seemed to care about my needs 
instead just trying to sell me something like many others had done.
The 1.03 carat radiant cut looks spectacular,,,even better than I 
expected,,,,after seeing it I do know what a deal I got! The two elongated 
princess cuts for the sides look so brilliant,,,and a perfect pair,,,and yes 
you again gave me a remarkable deal after looking so hard.Whenever I think 
of diamonds in the future you will be the first I call.It has been a 
pleasure doing business with you.
Thanks Again
From: Feargall 
To: ron01
Subject: Feedback....


I just wanted to say thanks a million for your help in making my
fiancee a very happy woman! I did a lot of due dilligence in
researching and buying this diamond and am extremely glad I got
it from you. Not only was the choice of diamonds amazing but I
got so much more for my money than any of the retail outlets that
I looked at. I also thought you might like to know two anecdotes
about the ring....

- after we got engaged I took my fiancee on a weekend away up in
Montreal. At the airport, while she was lining up for coffee a complete 
stranger tapped her on the shoulder and told her that her ring had one of 
the nicest stones he had seen (his wife's family are in the business).

- In Montreal we stopped into a fairly plush jewellery shop to check into 
what it would take to resize the setting ( I didn't get everything right!). 
Anyway, the clerk took one look at it and said "Why would you bring a Rolls 
Royce into a Toyota dealership?" and insisted we go to a more upscale shop 
to get it worked on.

Once again, thanks for your help. Please let me know if you would like me to 
be a reference for you in the future.


From: George
To: Ron
Subject: RE: Order diamond ann band

Got it but I have not seen it yet. My mom did say it
was beautiful. 

From: George
To: Ron
Subject: RE: Order diamond ann band


The ring is really nice. The diamonds are more sparkly
than I thought they would be. I will be contacting you
again for future purchases. Your customer service was
excellent. Several phone calls, several emails,
finding just what I needed and willing to do whatever
it takes, even on a relatively small sale for you.
That is customer service!!

Thanks Again,
Fort Worth, TX
Subject: Re: Your package is on the way...

Hi Ron, 
I received the earrings today and they are gorgeous! Thanks for 
your quick response. You guys have me impressed. I will not say anything to a 
retailer but I will send you guys business from my friends. Thanks again and 
Happy Holidays, 
Subject: Re: YourDiamond checking in...

Hi Ron,
Heidi loved the ring. The diamond and the setting are just beautiful. I 
want to thank you for all your hard work in getting the ring finished in such 
a short period of time. I also want to thank you for the great deal you gave 
Merry Christmas to you and your family and a healthy, prosperous New Year!
Subject: Re: Your package is on the way...

The earings did arrive - your tracking information 
allowed me to check on the status and helped my piece 
of mind. The earings look great and my wife loves them.

Subject: appraisal
Ron, first of all I must thank you again for the diamond earrings I ordered for Xmas, my wife was very pleased. The reason for this e-mail is that the invoice that was sent stated "Jewelry Appraisal provided upon request" and I would like to have an appraisal of the studs. I ordered #WG100S -- ct. weight - 1.02 -- invoice #1186. Thank you in advance. 
Subject: RE: Your package is on the way...

Hey, I never got back to you on the earings. They finally made it to my
mother in laws and looked very impressive.

They appraised at 3,950$ and at the color and clarity you indicated. Thanks
for saving me $1,700 and I will know to order earlier then 10 days before
Christmas in the middle of a snowstorm.

To: Ron
Subject: Re:Diamond on the way

I got the stone at 9:30 am. and let me tell you how happy I am. It is
beutiful. I am so happy.
It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I will go back over all the
links to jewelers and bullitin boards that I have spent weeks browsing, and
recommend your site.
Thanks again, but lets hope this is the last large stone that I will
be purchasing,
Subject: RE: Your package is on its way...

Ron, sorry I have not gotten back to you, I have been travelling. She
loved the ring - and you are correct it is BEUTIFULL. Thank you for all of
your guidance.

Subject: Re: ...Checking in
Thanks for checking in. Brandi LOVED the ring! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in to make sure this ring was so well received! 
I was actually just talking about you and your company today. I have a good friend who is at the point in his relationship that he is starting to look at rings himself -- I of course immediately thought of you. His name is Rob Livingston and I have cc:'d him on this message -- hopefully you can help him to find the perfect ring as well! 
Thanks again, 
Subject: Re: Your Platinum & Diamond ring is on its way...

I got my ring today, it is gorgeous, thank you. 
From: Lee
To: Ron
Subject: We got it!

Hi Ron!

Yes, we got the diamond this morning... despite the fact that FedEx told us
over the phone that it was still in Cedar Rapids (the reason it was stuck
there, by the way, was that a UPS plane had skidded off of the runway
yesterday morning). We went down to the FedEx office here this morning,
they searched around and, Voila! one exceptional diamond!

Pam is very pleased, as am I. The diamond looks absolutely brilliant!! We
visited two jewelers this morning to view some settings. We thought the
diamond looks fantastic on a platinum setting, and the jewelers agreed.

It is a beauiful diamond at an outstanding price, but I must say that I
would have happily paid a premium for the tremendous service and thoughtful
consideration you exhibited with us. I can not begin to describe how
appreciative we are, and that is something on which you can not put a price.

Thank you, Ron.
From: James
To: Ron
Subject: Re: Checking in...


Good to hear from you. She loved the ring. People do not stop
complimenting. I am very pleased with your service and the quality of the
ring. If any of your potential customers would like to speak to a satisfied
customer, you can have them give a call.

Thanks again,
From: Rob
Subject: Re: Your ring is on its way...

Hey Ron - Yes, I did indeed get it. It looks spectacular. Thanks so much 
for all your help. I am planning on giving it to her in Bangkok in June, so 
just hanging on to it until then. 

On the invoice, you put down appraisal available. Is that something you can 
do? Would be good to get it for insurance purposes. 

Thanks again! 
From: Jack
Subject: Diamond is in, looking good

The ring is in, just incredible. Really nice. That thing will hurt you in the 
sunny south, even with sunglasses on. 
Thanks for all of your special attention to reaching our time limit. 
Just incredible! Lynn and I are very pleased. Today is her 40th birthday. I 
know she does not look it, see attached photo. 
Jack in Mississippi 
From: Louisiana Man
Subject: Re: Your Diamond is on its way...

Ron, I got the diamond as well as the papers. It is very pretty. Thanks so 

From: Gleb
To: 'Ron'
Subject: checking in...

Thank you. Anna is very happy with the stone and we found a setting she
Thank you veru much, dealing with you was easy and comfortable.
From: James
To: Ron
Subject: Re: Your ring is on the way


The ring made it. It is very nice. I hope to do more business with you in the future. I may also have one or two people to send to you. In fact, I may need a pair of diamond earrings within the next month. Thank you


From: Arthur
To: Ron
Subject: Re: Your diamond is on the way...

Hi Ron,

Everything just came in including the ring and the papers. I have to say
the stone is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! The setting looks great too! I can't
thank you enough for all the help you have provided me in the process, I
never imagined things would go so smoothly in my search and purchase of a
ring. I really look forward to having my girlfriend/fiance come in to meet
with you and design the permanent setting, side stones etc... I haven't
figured out when I am going to give it to her, but I will keep in touch with
you and let you know when we'll be back to see you.

thanks again for all of your help.

From: akram
To: RT
Subject: thanks

Dear Ron, the ring has arrived and it looks gorgeous,
even better than we expected. I and my wife would
like to express our gratitude for the work you did
and we are glad that we dealt with you. We got
everything we wanted.
If I learn that somebody is looking for a similar
item I will strongly recommend you.
Best regards


From: JamesD.
To: Ron
Subject: Re: Yourdiamond ring is on the way...

The ring just arrived today and it looks perfect. I want to
thank you for your help and especially your patience. I was a bit nervous
about making this type of purchase over the web and by phone, but your
service set my mind at ease. You are a true professional and I look forward
to placing all of my jewelry business with you in the future.



From: Ben from OR
To: ''
RE: Order 00000258 Shipped




Those earrings were awesome.  She loved them.  Do you do engagement rings?  I was looking for something like the attached photo. (channel set princess diamonds with a round center on a four prong mount)




From: JH
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005
To: Ron
Subject: Re: Your Radiant diamond

Thanks so much for everything Ron!  We LOVE the stone and hopefully this week we can meet with our jeweler and design the setting.  I really appreciate all of your help in finding the perfect stone for us!  Take care,  - J


From: John in East Sussex, England
To: Ron01
Subject: RE: Ron from YourDiamond ...

Dear Ron,

Our rings look fabulous, especially Sarah's engagement ring.

I do mention your name to people when they are looking for diamond jewelry, especially if it's something for a special occasion. I'll be sending my sons to you when their time comes, but hopefully that won't be for 3 or 4 years, so stay in touch.

Thanks again,
John and Sarah


From: Marshal in CO
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 2:24 PM
Subject: RE: checking in...

Hey Ron,
I have been nothing but happy with the diamond we purchased from you. I am hoping that we can do more business soon with you. Coming down the pipeline that I might have some money coming to be able to.

Hope this note finds you happy and healthy.

From: Angela in MS
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 12:38 PM
Subject: thanks again.

Hey Ron,

I look at my ring everyday and fall in love with it even more! We are very
happy with it...thanks again for your services.

Take care,

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